Enough with the Roanoke shooting coverage, already

I will tell you that over the last three days, I have seen (and I am not exaggerating), a 10 minute interview with Alison Parker’s competitive tango dancing partner, an even longer segment on the WDBJ Christmas party, three or four interviews with people who purported to be the best friend of Adam Ward, and more segments featuring Alison Parker’s dad (who I’m fairly certain was a trained gun control advocate before this tragic story ever happened) than there are Law and Order reruns on any given weekend.

There are, on average, about 15,000 murders that occur in this country every year. There is no objective basis on which these two merit as much insane media coverage as they have gotten. I’m sure the two victims were perfectly nice people who were loved and respected by all they came across, but they weren’t more deserving of countless hours of eulogizing than the 120 or so people who have been unjustifiably killed in America since the deaths of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, and whose deaths haven’t even merited mention by their local TV news, much less round the clock coverage on the national news.

They weren’t on the verge of curing cancer, or setting any world records, or major celebrities. Sure, they were killed on Live TV, but that happened on a local channel with a small viewership, and the footage has been (justifiably) kept from the public eye.