Trump: McCain on steroids?

Trump is a magnified version of McCain. He stands for protectionism, not the conservative position of free markets.

Trump stands for nativism, which may be titillating to some who consider themselves to be conservative but is definitely not a core conservative value nor one of the party of Lincoln.

Trump has been on every side of every major issue; he’s not even consistent with his own scattered viewpoints. Within the span of a couple of minutes, The Donald was for a flat tax before he was against it. Abortion, Planned Parenthood? Supported them both. Gun control? Good until it was bad. Socialized medicine? Surely, you get the point by now.

Then, there’s the matter of his material support for liberal Democrat candidates. He shamelessly boasts about his buying politicians left and right, and somehow his supporters, who claim to be fed up with business as usual in Washington, D.C., are okay with this.

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