Planned Parenthood sues Louisiana over Medicaid funding

The organization and three patient co-plaintiffs filed for an injunction to stop enforcement of an order by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal that would bar Medicaid funds from going to Planned Parenthood facilities in the state beginning Sept. 2.

The state moved to cut off funds after Mr. Jindal, a Republican presidential candidate, said this month he was giving the organization a 30-day notice that he was canceling the state’s contract with Planned Parenthood.

Along with Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, New Hampshire, and Utah have all moved to restrict or cut off funding for Planned Parenthood after an antiabortion group, the Center for Medical Progress, released undercover videos it said showed Planned Parenthood profited from providing fetal tissue to researchers. Planned Parenthood has denied those claims.

Planned Parenthood at this point doesn’t provide abortions in Louisiana. When cutting funding, Mr. Jindal referred in a news release to the undercover videos and said he was terminating the contract because Planned Parenthood doesn’t represent the values of the state in regards to respecting human life.