What's at stake with Trump

I have long maintained that Republicans should adjust their tone on immigration. Many Hispanic voters understand a tough stance on illegal immigration. Many even share it. But what they understandably bristle it are suggestions that Hispanics are undesirables. There are many sensible reforms that are possible with the right tone. The much-denigrated “Gang of Eight” bill, for example, would have eliminated chain migration if I recall correctly. 

As to dealing with illegals: As I said in the column, another fence is not going to solve the problem. If you really prioritize ending as much illegal immigration as possible, you should consider a national ID card with biometrics. Many conservatives hate this idea because of the power it places in the hands of the federal government. It’s something to weigh in the balance.

A smart Republican approach to the issue of illegal immigration would constantly stress how much we value the rule of law, how illegals are line jumping and this isn’t fair to those who abide by the rules, how much we value the contributions of Hispanic Americans to this country, and how much we want to include Hispanic Americans in the Republican coalition.

The Trump surge has the potential to cripple the Republican Party by tainting it.

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