Rand Paul's moment of truth comes early

For Kentucky Republican Rand Paul, one of the most important votes of the 2016 presidential cycle takes place Saturday, when local GOP officials meet to decide if he can seek the White House and run for reelection to his Senate seat simultaneously.

Paul needs the state GOP central committee to scrap the traditional presidential primary in favor of a caucus system, which would allow him to sidestep a state law banning a candidate from appearing on the same ballot twice. The plan received unanimous preliminary approval, but Paul has yet to give the state party the money he promised to pay for the one-time caucus. Without the money in hand, Kentucky Republicans are hesitant to commit to the $500,000 enterprise.

There’s nothing to worry about, according to Paul’s team. “We are confident and expect the Kentucky Republican Party to approve the plan,” campaign spokesman Sergio Gor tells National Review.