Rand Paul: 'Trump mania' shows country swooning for celebrity over substance

“My fear … is that there are countries that do succumb to celebrity… often in the developing world, celebrities and very wealthy people will win,” said Paul during a 22-minute pre-taped interview posted on the web site of NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “I worry about the country because I don’t believe that there’s any sincerity to what [Trump’s] message is.”…

“You can disapprove and simply have anger at Washington,” said Paul. “He’s tapping into the anger. But I think his message is empty anger. It’s an anger without substance. Whereas I think people are rightly angry at government and angry at big government and debt. And really frankly, the biggest anger I feel … was anger at Republicans who promised to make government smaller and then it didn’t become smaller, it actually became bigger.”

“So I mean the real question is, are conservatives comfortable enough to say … Donald Trump’s been against Obamacare long enough that he’s not going to expand it, or will you start [to] have a suspicion that he still kind of sounds like he’s for single-payer,” said Paul. “I think we could be well on our way to single-payer if we elect Donald Trump.”