Don't believe the spin: Biden's entry would be bad news for Dems and Hillary Clinton

On first blush, why not Biden? He’s a sitting vice president with massive name recognition, is beloved among Democrats and, as a vetted entity, has the experience to slip seamlessly into a presidential election.

But on the other hand, how bad must things be for Clinton if Democrats are trying to get a guy who just lost his son to brain cancer to re-enter what will undoubtedly be a brutal and exhausting campaign season? Further, how thin is the Democratic bench that a guy who has twice run for President unsuccessfully, who would be 74 when sworn into the White House, who has zero campaign money and no campaign infrastructure, is your next best hope?

The short term optics of Biden swooping in — either to rescue Hillary or to usurp her — are pretty terrible for a party insisting it alone owns the women’s empowerment mantle. Not to mention, how “fresh” will Democratic ideas look when the top candidates touting them are 67 (Clinton), 72 (Sanders) and 73 years old?

In the long term, if Hillary’s supporters feel she’s no longer viable, it’s likely they divide between Biden and Sanders, leaving the party even more fractured and weakened than before.