Why evangelicals worship Trump

Trump’s revenge comments drew critical coverage, but Liberty circled the wagons and sent their top leaders to make the rounds on Christian radio to defend the mogul’s tip.

Johnnie Moore, an author and consultant as well as former senior vice president of Liberty University, helped oversee Trump’s visit. He said the mogul made an overwhelmingly good impression on the students and faculty. The event’s organizers had expected Trump to leave immediately after the speech, but instead he made the rounds on campus, chatting up campus leaders, posing for pictures, and soaking it all in.

“He wasn’t in a hurry,” said Moore. “He wasn’t arrogant, he wasn’t too busy for the community, he literally just stayed around all afternoon. It was really really interesting.”

Moore added that other evangelical and conservative Catholic institutions had similar experiences with Trump in the years before he announced his presidential bid.

“I know many, many evangelical and Catholic organizations that have had that same experience with him,” Moore said. “I think long before anyone thought that he would seriously run for president, he was making outreaches to evangelicals and Catholics who are involved in the political process.”