Trump organization seeks peace with Hispanic media

Still, the extension of an olive branch represents a sharp turnaround from Trump’s actions as a politician. He has publicly railed against the Hispanic media, cutting off Telemundo/MSNBC anchor Jose Diaz-Balart’s question at a news conference in Laredo, Texas, and bashing Univision for alleged bias, not to mention suing the network for dropping his Miss Universe pageant. The lack of love goes both ways, as Trump has been pilloried by Spanish-language radio and Univision’s Jorge Ramos, one of the most popular Hispanic anchors in the country, who recently dubbed him the “loudest voice of intolerance, hatred and division in the United States.”

Trump may be realizing that in both politics and business, his war with Hispanic media may not be sustainable if he wants to be a serious candidate, Nogales said.

“They’re much clearer in Spanish language media,” Nogales said. “They’re calling a spade a spade, and they’re saying this man is a racist.”…

“I think the first thing we have to say is that, for us, this is not politics. This is personal,” Ramos said in an interview. “That’s the big difference between Hispanic media and the rest. When Donald Trump is talking about undocumented immigrants and talking about denying citizenship to the children born here, he’s not talking about someone we don’t know. He’s talking about our parents, friends, coworkers and children that we know.”

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