Trump on why he's running: I did it for me

Donald Trump has two reasons for why he decided to run for president this time rather than past cycles: his business and himself.

“So it was really important that I do it, for myself … I mean I really considered it strongly last time. Before that I thought about it. But I never even had any staff. My secretary was my staff,” Trump said in an interview with Time published Thursday. “But the time I looked at it was [last] time. But I was very busy, I was doing tremendous developments which are now completed and very successful. Because we’re all over the world. And I had a signed contract with ‘The Apprentice.’ I would have had to break it.”

“The other reason,” Trump said, is that he “wanted to do this for myself. I didn’t want to look back in ten years and say I could have done that or I could have done that,” Trump said. “My family would look at me and say, ‘Ugh, stop.’ I had to do it for myself.”

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