Why Latino children are scared of Donald Trump

“The thing is, he hasn’t even apologized, even though all these companies canceled their contracts with him,” Arturo, a 27-year-old father and chef, told me, in Spanish. “How could somebody like that think he can be president?”

Others see a deep insecurity at work in Mr. Trump’s attacks.

“We Latinos are becoming more powerful, and he doesn’t like it,” said Irene Huerta, a 24-year-old college student. “While he’s calling us names, more Latinos are going to school and wanting to excel. I know I do.”

In other words, Mr. Trump has put another chip on our shoulders. That’s what happens when you attack an entire people: You add a new chapter to their story of overcoming obstacles. My family and friends will remember the summer of 2015 as the season The Donald entered our lives, via a Telemundo news report, or in links shared on social media.

“My brother showed me the video,” Damaris told me by the merry-go-round at Plaza México. “He’s talking wrong about all the Mexicans.”

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