Trump is the Floyd Mayweather of politics

After having spent the whole weekend in Iowa in and around the State Fair, as well as talking to folks in Texas, where I live, and with voters in Detroit area, where I was born, I have come to at least one insight about Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the Floyd Mayweather of politics. Hear me out here.

If you look at all the interest and excitement surrounding Trump’s entrance in this race, the coverage dealing with his daily utterances, the forgiveness of his fans for mess ups, and the way he manages his brand, it is eerily familiar to the prize fighter Floyd Mayweather. From the brandishing of their logos on everything, Mayweather having the ubiquitous caps emblazoned with the Money Team to Trump’s Making America Great Again, they each have an ability to capture part of our culture and market themselves exquisitely.

Many react to their bravado and the “in your face” attitude by saying “isn’t that over the top” or too much, but folks run to be around them or near them or buy their expensive tickets to fight night. Both Mayweather and Trump are essentially some of the best salesman and showmen on the planet. And their extreme wealth isn’t off-putting to regular folks, but an attraction. They both have an intuitive understanding of the entertainment world that many respond to in America today. Would we want Mayweather to be our father or our spouse? Most would say definitely not. But we watch his fights and talk about him when he does something outlandish.

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