Sorry, naysayers: Trump is for real

Donald is accessible. He isn’t surrounded by a flying squadron of handlers and public relations hacks. He will answer any question posed to him and his replies are offered without fear of controversy because a big part of being Trump means you simply do not care what people think about what you just said.

Donald is not boring. Half the rest of the Republican field, other than John Kasich, behave like store mannequins. The other half resemble people badly in need of professional help.

There is Cruz from Texas who could easily be cast as the villain in any  Bond or Batman film. There is Rand Paul, clearly unaware that he is a dead man walking. There is Scott Walker who, odds on, two years from now will be a greeter at the Oshkosh Home Depot. And there are just so many others on the massive GOP presidential stage who appear to be unable to do  simple tasks like boiling water or plugging in a lamp without the risk of self electrocution. Sad people.

So Donald’s success isn’t that much of a mystery.

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