"I don't know if I can trust Hillary Clinton anymore and it doesn't make me happy to say that"

Look, I’m a swing voter, an Independent voter. I’ve known and respected her for a long time. A year ago, if you had asked me, hey, would you consider working for Secretary Clinton, I’d say, yes, I’d think about it.

Six months ago, if you had said, hey, would you vote for her, I’d say, yes, I’m likely going to vote for her. Now I can’t tell you that I trust her, because there’s some big issues involved. I can’t tell you that I trust her with the Freedom of Information Act and our public records. I can’t tell you I trust her with Congress’ right and responsibility to conduct oversight. I can’t tell you I respect her with historians’ right and responsibility to look back on archival documents and see how our leaders lead.

If this precedent that she has established is allowed to stand because she won, the public memory is — will be under assault forever. There will no longer be a public memory if everyone conducts themselves the way she has.

And I haven’t even talked about classified documents.

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