Bernie Sanders's campaign kicks into overdrive, becoming more serious threat to Hillary

But things won’t look so humble for long. Barnes estimated the campaign had received over 500 resumes in recent weeks, and spoke animatedly about the aggressive expansion in the coming weeks.

Barnes didn’t want to call the poll findings a game changer, saying it’s not going to cause an operational shift. But she said the numbers help cultivate enthusiasm for the campaign’s volunteers. She said “for the network of people supporting Bernie, it’s astonishing.”

The picture is a far cry from Sanders’ soft announcement of his presidential bid in late April, shifted to the Senate Swamp near the Capitol, after questions arose about the ethics of staging it in the Senate Radio/TV gallery. While he made headlines for busting records for drawing 10,000 supporters to a rally in Wisconsin in July, last weekend he managed to attract 28,000 people to a sports arena in Portland.

After spending Saturday at the Iowa State Fair, and hosting a fundraiser in Chicago on Monday, Sanders heads to the University of Nevada on Tuesday for another rally.

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