Female ISIS defectors found paradise to be less than advertised

The three women told NBC News they were all initially happy to be part of ISIS, but that over time the group’s brutality revolted them.

“They would cut off heads, and put the heads on the streets, or display bodies where everyone, even children, can see them. It was too much,” Dua said.

To listen to Umm Asma, Raqqa under ISIS sounds like the set of a horror movie.

“For example, they displayed bodies,” she said. “A body would stay hung on the street, so you’d have to pass it … it smelled and dogs would eat it, everything happened. You would see heads on the ground. It was disgusting,” she said.

The three women say they now regret joining ISIS, but believe they have been so tainted by their association with the group that it will be difficult for them to rebuild their lives.

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