Chris Wallace: No call-ins from Trump if he wants to be on my show

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace stands apart from his colleagues and competitors on Sunday mornings in at least one regard: He won’t take a phone call from Donald Trump.

The Republican frontrunner has shown a strong preference for calling in to shows like “Fox & Friends,” “Morning Joe” and the Sunday morning public affairs shows. Last Sunday, Trump phoned into four shows — all but Fox News Sunday — to discuss his feud with Fox News host Megyn Kelly. Wallace has repeatedly informed viewers that he won’t allow that.

In an interview with Fox News Radio on Thursday, Wallace gave the most compelling argument yet for that decision: “The idea you would do a phoner with a presidential candidate where they have all the control and you have none, where you can’t see them and they may have talking points in from of them… we are not a call in radio show, we are a Sunday talk show and he is a presidential candidate, you do an interview on camera,” Wallace told Kilmeade & Friends.

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