A letter to Trump supporters with one big question

Trump is a billionaire, you say, so he won’t need to pander to special interests––unlike other Republicans, he can ignore the business lobby and stop illegal immigration.

But that makes no sense. Granted, Trump has all the money he’ll ever need, yet that’s been true for decades, and he’s continued to expend a lot of effort to earn still more money. Like other men with significant, diversified business holdings––some of them hotels and golf courses, no less!––a large supply of cheap immigrant labor is in his personal financial interests. If the business elite is for illegal immigration, he is the business elite! And he’ll face the exact same political incentives as every other elected Republican from George W. Bush to John McCain.

Perhaps that would be nothing for you to worry about if he’d spent all his life inveighing against illegal immigration; or if he’d held a lower office, like congressman or senator or governor, in which he’d consistently voted as you’d have wanted on the issue.

Instead you’re just taking him on faith. Why? Does Trump strike you as a person who is unusually inclined to keep his word? Someone who never flip-flops? Come on. I know that you’ve read all the articles about his changing positions over the years.

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