Schumer: We can't trust European nations to inspect Iran's nuke facilities

The New York Post reported that Schumer following a speech at New York University expanded on his decision to oppose the nuclear deal, which he made public last week.

“There are parts to bomb-making that don’t involve nuclear isotopes,” Schumer said Tuesday. “Even if you find nuclear isotopes [through inspections], you don’t know exactly what they are doing.”

“You know, the Europeans, once they have these economic relationships with Iran—which we know they are very eager to have—are going to be reluctant to ask for an inspection, so I was troubled by that,” added Schumer, who is the most influential Jewish member of Congress.

Multiple lawmakers have taken issue with the details surrounding inspections of Iran’s sensitive facilities, particularly pushing back at the secret side deals reached between reached between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the organization responsible for ensuring that Tehran abides by the stipulations in the deal.

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