Kasich says he won't attack his opponents, including Hillary Clinton

Kasich’s strategy for winning the GOP nomination for president is unconventional, but it’s part of his growing appeal in the Granite State. His town halls are heavy on his personal biography, partly a recap of his record as governor of Ohio, with a mix of folksy answers to audience questions and a smattering of Oprah-like self-help mixed in. They’re an acquired taste: Many attendees praised his authenticity and his candid approach to campaigning, while others questioned his focus and preparation. He speaks with an intensity and rapidity that often leaves audiences waiting to figure out when to applaud.

In an interview with National Journal, Kasich pledged another atypical tactic: He’s not going to attack any of his opponents—Hillary Clinton included—and will instead focus on offering solutions to the nation’s pressing problems. He lived up to that commitment in his town hall meetings this week, not mentioning Clinton’s name at all and avoiding referencing any of his GOP opponents.

“If I’m talking about someone else, I’m not talking about me. And I would rather them know what my record is and my passion is. So if I’m spending my time attacking other people, that doesn’t get me anywhere. Frankly, it’s not what people want. They want to know: Do you have a record, do you have solutions, can you lead?” Kasich said. “It’s a lot more important for me to cement that down than getting people hooting and hollering.”

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