Chuck Schumer assures Senate Dems he won't whip against Iran deal

Schumer has been walking through his position on the Iran agreement, the product of lengthy negotiations between the leading world powers and the Iranian government.

Schumer, though, is lobbying his colleagues to vote against the agreement when the Senate takes up a “resolution of disapproval” next month, several undecided senators said during interviews. The disapproval resolution is expected to win the 60 votes needed to overcome any Democratic filibuster.

The real question, however, is whether President Barack Obama can rally the 34 senators he needs to uphold a veto of the resolution. Right now, the Senate vote is too close to call, although Obama’s support for a veto override appears more solid among House Democrats, with three more coming out on Tuesday in favor of the agreement.

Schumer’s opposition to the Iran deal also does not seem to have had any impact on his standing as the presumptive Democratic leader-in-waiting. Support for Schumer inside the Democratic Caucus remains strong, despite longstanding complaints about him from the progressive wing of the party.

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