If Donald Trump is awful, the GOP is worse

He’s never done anything to address [INSERT ISSUE HERE] in the last decade.
Absolutely true. Donald Trump has done absolutely nothing on any issue in the last decade. Well neither has the GOP, right?

He’s not serious about repealing Obamacare.
Again, absolutely true. Half the time he sounds like Obamacare didn’t go far enough. But how many times do American voters have to loudly oppose Obamacare and put people in office who claim they’re going to fight it only to see no change? If we’re not going to have any improvements to the situation, isn’t it better to have someone who simply isn’t capable of principled opposition to the legislation rather than someone who is but lacks the courage, prudence or leadership to get it done?

He’s overseen four bankruptcies.
Yep. And the GOP has done little to change the trajectory of the country’s debt, a tax on future generations. Besides, Trump says all the bankruptcies were merely him working within the system as it is. Kind of sounds like the peace the GOP has made with the administrative state, and how it has decided to work within that fiscally and constitutionally unsound system.

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