Anger outruns the facts in Ferguson

That final demand has already been met in at least one instance: A Justice Department report found insufficient evidence to charge Officer Darren Wilson with wrongdoing for killing Brown, supported Wilson’s account, and echoed most grand jury testimony that Brown attacked Wilson inside his vehicle before Wilson killed him.

So McKesson and Black Lives Matter got the independent investigation they wanted, just not the conclusion they sought. (McKesson insisted the report only cleared Wilson of violating Brown’s civil rights.) For the movement, Wilson will never be justified in killing Brown. Furthermore, McKesson said he did not believe that any of the police shootings “that have gained national attention this year” were justified.

As for the one Sunday night, in which 18-year-old Tyrone Harris Jr. was shot after allegedly firing on police, McKesson demurred.

“I’ll say that I still have more questions than answers,” he told The Daily Beast.

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