Trump's Iowa co-chair: Attacks on Megyn Kelly are fair game

“You know with Mr. Trump, he believes that he responds to men and women with equal intensity so you know Megyn was attacking him at the debate and he just fired back. It’s fair game. Isn’t that what the women’s [liberation] movement is all about? He kind of has that mentality that, you know what, there’s no glass ceiling for women. There’s no war on women. He responds to them equally. And he looks at it like if you wanna give it to him, he’ll give it right back.”

Goertz, however added it never occurred to her Trump mind be talking about Kelly’s menstrual cycle.

“It was two different situations,” she said. “He was just more or less saying she was coming after me. Kind of like when a guy says ‘I can see smoke coming out your eyes.’ Same analogy. It was an analogy. Here’s the deal, I’m a woman, and I have that issue every single month of my life and it never — and I’m a smart women I have a high I.Q., I’ve been tested, I’ve been in gifted programs. So, I’m like, not a dummy. I’m an intelligent woman who, you know, has this issue every month. I’m a female, who deals with this every single month. And it never crossed my mind he was talking about her period. It never even registered.”

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