Stop hyperventilating over Trump's insults

What we are doing here is feeding the beast here. This beast is the Outrage Beast, and it will eat each of us in turn unless we begin starving it so that it becomes weaker, smaller, and more manageable.

The “Eek! A Mouse!” crap is inherently censorious. How many times a week can we really be Outraged!!! by an off-color or unfair remark?

The rules of the game we are currently playing — and we should not be playing it — is that we must bring down the Social Disapproval of anyone who steps out of line, because, after all, if we don’t destroy that person and publicly shame him and deny him a platform, his behavior “reflects on us.”

That is complete bullshit. I used to say that myself, but a long time ago Warden and/or Empire of Jeff told me what silly little PC bitch I was being in trying to patrol the speech of complete strangers to make sure all of it was in complete accordance with the standards of Upwardly Mobile Middle Class Propriety.

In particular, I was getting on that idiot old biddy who asked McCain if Obama was a “terrorist” at a rally. I got very upset, very Little PC Bitch, shouting at Invisible Enemies that you must keep a polite mouth on you, lest The Cause be damaged, because everyone’s speech reflects on everyone else.

No it does not.

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