That was the best debate ever

The Fox News Prime Time debate was the best presidential debate I’ve ever seen. Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace asked excellent tough questions, gave the candidates appropriate time to weigh in and the candidates, mostly, responded in kind. It’s a very difficult task to moderate a ten-candidate debate and it’s hard to imagine that anyone could ever do a better job of it than the three Fox News anchors tonight.

Big moments included (1) Donald Trump’s hands-up declaration that he isn’t ruling out running as a third-party candidate. (2) The fierce argument over surveillance between Rand Paul and Chris Christie. (3) Trump’s set to with Megyn Kelly over his comments to women. (4) Ben Carson’s end-of-debate responses on race and what makes him unique.

But every candidate had his good moments and gave their spin doctors something to brag on in the spin room and post-debate interviews.

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