Let's face it: Kasich won the debate

Donald Trump

What’s with the carpet-bombing Don Rickles routine? Does Trump have any facial expression beyond knotted, squinting scowl? It’s a strain even to look at him. The entire debate begins with Trump getting booed for refusing to rule out a third-party bid. He has a slashing, entertaining wit, but his braggart narcissism is on painful display. He speaks in simplistic polarities of “winners” versus “losers”, as if geopolitics were a jangling Atlantic City casino. He sets high goals but lacks real answers to any government issue. Trump is a Trojan Horse sent by the crafty Clinton machine. He has a bellyful of swords aimed at GOP hearts.

Jeb Bush

Is there a blander, more boring personality in American politics? The guy looks like the runny yoke of a fried egg. He’s trying to be assertive tonight, because he’s been told he needs to project “passion”. But when his lips move, there’s still a big blank. Why the heck the major media hails him as the GOP frontrunner is beyond comprehension–except that big money has been showering down on him like powdered sugar on a donut. Why do Jeb’s smiles remind me of a dimply grandmother? He could and should have been a high-school principal. I don’t see him on the world stage, holding the line against ISIS.

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