Prince Jeb the unready

~Have you noticed that all the high-priced wisdom from the permanent consulting class has been totally wrong about Trump so far? The Mexican rapist line was supposed to finish him. Instead, it made him the frontrunner. The slight to John McCain’s amour propre was supposed to finish him. Instead, it widened his lead.

Ah, but don’t worry, the consultants told us. Trump has high negatives: 57 per cent of people won’t vote for him under any circumstance. And, after a month of Trump “misspeaking”, all those high negatives have fallen by half.

He may screw the whole thing up this evening, but my advice if he’s asked to rule out a third-party run would be to reply: I’m the Republican frontrunner with twice as much support as the next guy. Why not ask Governor Stumblebum the third-party question? Or anyone but the presumptive nominee.

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