Poll: Most Americans support South Carolina's removal of the rebel flag

Most African-Americans (76 percent), Hispanics (52 percent) and whites (56 percent) said removing the flag was the right thing to do, according to the poll.

Republicans were more likely than Democrats and independents to disagree.

Seventy-four percent of Democrats say the move was the right decision, compared to 19 percent who say it was not. Independents were more closely divided, with 53 percent backing the removal and 37 percent opposing it. Republicans are slightly more opposed to the removal (49 percent) than supportive of it (43 percent).

When asked to explain their feelings on South Carolina’s decision, 36 percent of respondents who view removing the flag as the right decision cited its association with racism, hatred or slavery, while 20 percent said the flag was offensive or divisive. Of those who say the decision to remove the flag was wrong, 54 percent mentioned its historical significance, while 27 percent said it is a misunderstood symbol.

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