Poll: Americans' satisfaction with how blacks are treated tumbles

The results are based on Gallup’s 2015 Minority Rights and Relations poll, conducted June 15-July 10 with more than 2,000 national adults, including 800 non-Hispanic whites, 800 non-Hispanic blacks and 500 Hispanics. The drop in satisfaction likely reflects the effects of several high-profile and deadly incidents in the last year involving white police officers and black citizens.

Currently, 33% of blacks are satisfied with the way blacks are treated in society, a decline from 47% in 2013. This decline has occurred even though blacks themselves are no more likely than two years ago to report being treated unfairly in various situations because of their race, including dealing with the police. Blacks’ satisfaction levels with the treatment of blacks are now similar to what they were in 2007 and 2008.

A slim majority of whites remain satisfied with the way blacks are treated, but this is down from 67% in 2013. Hispanics’ satisfaction with the treatment of blacks has fallen from 61% to 44% over the same time period and is back to where it was in the latter years of George W. Bush’s administration.

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