Sarah Palin on Trump: "Thank God that he's running"

Palin remarked on the overwhelming reaction to Trump’s comments in agreement with Scholla, “Heads exploded, other things exploded and across the U.S. as a result of your interview. I certainly heard from a lot of people, a lot of new people even that I hadn’t been in contact with before, wanting reaction.”

“I do have great respect for him, I have respect for anyone who’s gone through the fire or is going through the fire because I can relate to that. I know it takes guts and tenacity and perseverance to kind of rise above. Some of the constructive criticism is great, but the hate, the haters which is so unnecessary to have to face in my opinion, but those who go through that it makes me respect them even more. Especially when they come out stronger.”

She said Trump is “calling it like it is” as he is “not a politician.”

“He’s gonna tell the truth and not couch all of his answers with some poll-tested, kind of namby pamby, vanilla flavored answer to anything. He’s going to be candid and he’s going to be candid and tell you what he thinks, what his solutions are and that’s so refreshing in politics.”

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