It's a lion

Since I began writing and lecturing, I have been warning about the breakdown of the distinction between humans and animals (or, as the secular nearly always put it, “other animals”). For decades I have asked high-school students: “If your dog or cat (or hamster or other beloved pet) and a stranger were drowning, which would you try to save first?”

In virtually every instance, the response is the same: One-third vote to save their dog, one-third to save the human being, and one-third don’t know what they would do (or should do — but there are few shoulds in the lives of many secular Americans). In other words, two-thirds of American young people (and by now presumably adults as well) wouldn’t vote to save a human being they didn’t know before the animal that they love…

In Western Europe and North America, we live in the first godless and religion-less generation in Western (and probably world) history; and without Judeo-Christian values, there is no compelling reason to hold human worth above animal worth. Judeo-Christian values are based on the Bible, which asserts the fundamental principle that human beings, not animals, are created in God’s image. Therefore, human life is sacred, animal life is not.

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