Election proves to be great boon to companies with protesters for hire

As the race for the White House heats up with the first Republican debate set for Thursday, there appears to be a growing number of supporters showing up at campaign speeches and appearances. The increasing pressure to gain an edge has some candidates paying actors to be faces in the crowd, CBS News’ Carter Evans reports.

When Donald Trump entered the presidential race, spurred on by an energetic crowd, apparently not all were true believers. According to an email obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, actors were offered $50 to wear T-shirts, carry signs and cheer.

Trump denies paying supporters, but if he did, he is hardly alone.

Adam Swart is CEO of Crowds on Demand. His initial clients were minor celebrities looking to get create a buzz. He hired actors to play paparazzi and fans. It wasn’t long before politicians came calling.

“You want the world to think that it’s really a genuine crowd, and that’s what we do,” Swart said.

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