Even Planned Parenthood's hired flacks distancing themselves

It was a rare miss for SKDKnickerbocker, which has previously done highly effective work for Planned Parenthood, Sandra Fluke, and other high-profile advocates of abortion rights.

But Planned Parenthood wasn’t the only site undergoing maintenance and changes. SKDKnickerbocker also took the opportunity to scrub its site. If you go to SKDKnickerbocker’s site, you see a page with pictures and profiles of staff. These Democratic heavy hitters brag in their profiles of their ties to President Obama and Democratic candidates such as Hillary Clinton. Here’s former journalist Kate Nocera of BuzzFeed! Here’s a dude who did media relations for Jim Obergefell, of recent Supreme Court victory fame. Here’s Julie Norton, who went from the Clinton administration to fighting 2nd Amendment protections, and now lives in Dupont, “where she can frequently be seen walking her beautiful Goldendoodle, Scout, and her partner’s somewhat less-attractive pug, Marley.” (Yes, I read every staff bio, why do you ask?)

But after the Planned Parenthood story broke, and after SKDKnickerbocker’s role in the group’s crisis communications plan was brought to light, an interesting thing happened.

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