Hillary and Trump, paragons of trustworthiness

Need more evidence of how bad Clinton’s numbers are on the honesty question? She and Donald Trump have nearly identical ratings on it. Thirty-three percent said Trump was honest and trustworthy, while 58 percent said he wasn’t. Trump’s numbers among independents (33 honest/58 not) are actually slightly better than Clinton’s.

Take a step back from the honest/trustworthy question and you see that, at the moment, Clinton’s image is suffering more broadly in the Q poll. Forty percent of voters view her favorably while 51 percent view her unfavorably; that’s the low water mark for Clinton in Q polling and a far cry from the 61 percent favorable score she had in a February 2008 Q poll.

What the Q numbers suggest — particularly when contextualized with some of the other data points out there — is that Clinton has a real and sustaining trust problem in the eyes of the public. The focus on her private e-mail account while she served as Secretary of State and the questions raised about some donors to the Clinton Foundation have only exacerbated that problem.

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