Trump wants to save America, but who will save Trump from himself?

In the 2008 cycle, Gargiulo backed Mitt Romney, whose cautious campaign style helped him land the Republican nomination. Now, he’s the co-chair of Trump’s campaign in Rockingham County, and he seems to feel liberated.

“People are tired of same-old, same-old, the political games that exist in Washington, in the state capitals, and are looking for someone who says it like it is,” he said. “And Donald Trump certainly does it.

For what it’s worth, Gargiulo also believes that Trump’s appeal is broader than many observers think.

“I have to tell you, it goes across the spectrum,” he said. “Supporters of Mr. Trump go from very conservative Tea Party people to mainstream Republicans to — all! I’ve seen, in fact a number of Democrats who are beginning to take notice.”

And whether you love Trump or hate him, it’s almost impossible not to pay attention.

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