Walker: I'd tell Trump to stop picking on American heroes

Scott Walker: Hey good morning guys, thanks for having me on.

HOST: If Donald Trump and you were in a room right now, just the two of you – just the two of you, nobody could hear what you we’re saying – what would you say to him?

WALKER: You know I actually probably wouldn’t say much of anything other than stop picking on American heroes. I mean on the other stuff he can speak for himself. On the policy where he drew the line with me I would of done like the other candidates. I didn’t count on it one way or the other. I figured he can take care of himself. I’m going to talk about what I’m for, but when he went after John McCain regardless of what you think of Sen. McCain’s politics…I mean the guy’s a prisoner of war who could of been out early, was tortured, but didn’t because he didn’t want to let down the others who were being held there and I think he is an American hero.

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