Insiders: Trump has peaked

“Everybody is still watching to see what he will do next,” a Granite State Republican said. “It’s like riding down the highway and seeing an accident in the other direction — you know [you] shouldn’t look but you do. I think by September he will begin a downward descent as people get totally sick of his antics.”

In this week’s survey, Granite Staters were slightly less likely than Iowans to say that Trump has hit his ceiling. Among New Hampshire Republicans, 73 percent say he has, while 81 percent of Hawkeye State Republicans said the same. The numbers overall were about reversed among Democrats, who are enjoying watching Republicans grapple with Trump — 74 percent of them said he isn’t done yet.

“GOP establishment (especially in early states) and some media are in a panic right now about Trump, and are quick to develop a storyline that he can’t last,” said a New Hampshire Democrat, who like all participants answered through an online submission form. “The truth is otherwise. The base loves him, he keeps showing top tier status nationally and in early states, he (like Hillary) has 100 percent name ID, and unlike all others, doesn’t need either traditional donors or dark money ones. While there are some parallels to [Ross] Perot, this is a new phenomenon and existing precedent doesn’t apply. Who knows where this goes?”

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