Yes, I'd vote for Trump for president (but I won't have to)

Well, I’m not voting for Donald Trump in the Georgia primary. I don’t think he’ll even be in the race by that point. But I would support him were he the nominee. That the establishment guys won’t is deeply hilarious to watch after years of them lecturing all of us about not taking our football home. The meltdown is delightful to watch and after years of putting up with pompous, preening members of the Establishment telling conservatives they have to suck it up, it is wonderful to be reminded that the Establishment is incapable of sucking it up.

If they just waited, Trump would fade. But everything they do generates new attention for Trump and emboldens him and his supporters. They just do not know what to do with Trump and the truth is that they set up the system Trump is benefiting from. The Establishment expects the conservative base to stay quiet when we disagree with them, but by God they want to scream the rooftops when they disagree with us. We’re hobbits, cave dwellers, crazies, etc.

There’s also something else that needs to be said here: Trump won’t be the Republican nominee. And those who are on his team in the primary may very well sit it out. There should be no crying in primaries, as in baseball. If I don’t get my guy, I still support the nominee (except John Kasich who has less of a chance than Trump so it doesn’t matter). Those of you who’ve made Trump your cause are really doing so because he is throwing punches you think need to be thrown. Just don’t delude yourself. Donald Trump is ultimately about Donald Trump. He was for immigration and universal healthcare and Hillary Clinton before he was against them. He’s saying a lot of awesome stuff, but there is no guarantee he won’t change. Don’t let your hatred of the Establishment and feeling that you’ve been played get you played again by someone who only a few years ago was on CNN identifying as a Democrat.