Why American teenagers are having much less sex

One good example, she said: The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, a private non-profit organization, for example, runs Bedsider.org. This week’s featured articles include “Not awkward: 5 tips for talking to anyone about sex” and “<3 your birth control.” Another possible driver of the sexual slowdown is the growing popularity of the HPV vaccine, which is now widely offered to boys and girls as young as 11. The shots, of course, come with an educational conversation. Kids learn earlier about the prevalence of STIs and how they're spread. (Contrary to some parents' worries, research shows the advent of Gardisil did not spark an upswing of sexual recklessness among tweens.) "They learn from doctors that you can catch HPV even if you use a condom," Bokor said, emphasizing some common conditions spread through skin-to-skin contact. "They might think: How else can I stay healthy?"