Obama's huge Iran hostage sellout

Explanations coming from the administration for the cringeworthy posture of the President and his UN ambassador are mutating — and incoherent. They include: The subject of their freedom wasn’t raised because it was off topic. The subject of their freedom was raised all the time on the side.

Meanwhile, the Iranians attached to the deal every non-nuclear barnacle — like freedom for ballistic missile production — that they could.

A clearer explanation is provided by the mindset adopted by the White House and the State Department throughout the negotiations and articulated by Power at the Security Council. In her words, in arriving at the deal U.S. and Iranian negotiators “demonstrated” “mutual respect.”

The theme was a huge hit at the United Nations — especially with the countries having no respect either for the human rights of their own citizens or those of their neighbors. China talked about “the principle of mutual respect” and “equality.” Russia waxed eloquent about the deal being “a choice . . . in favor of mutual respect, stability and cooperation.” Venezuela carried on about “mutual trust and respect” between Iran and the parties. And Iran crowed “the deal was sealed on the basis of mutual respect.”