Why liberals don't care if Planned Parenthood sells baby parts

I asked if that made it more difficult to believe, since I’d assumed so, but she disagreed. “No, but I do think it’s damning none of them have considered it credible enough to cover. From the old ‘20/20’ footage, when Planned Parenthood faced the same allegations that were also proven false, other MSM outlets did cover it. So it doesn’t shake out that this is a vast liberal cover up.”

She also said human trafficking is not a reason to defund Planned Parenthood: “Shady black-market medical parts happens in every area of medicine. Do we stop doing organ transplants because some hinky stuff goes down there? Research using fetal tissue is valuable. This video is click bait of the worst kind because of the horrifying nature of dilation and extraction—the banning of which has done nothing to reduce later abortions and only limited the choices of women facing impossible decisions about the end of their pregnancies where their baby probably will not survive. Nobody waits until 20-plus weeks for kicks. I think they should be subject to the same laws and regulations covering any medical donation or waste.”

To her, Planned Parenthood is more than just abortion. “They offer a valuable service to the community in terms of STD testing and prevention, pregnancy counseling, including prenatal care, mammograms, well-woman care. I have never known anyone at a Planned Parenthood to try and talk a woman into an abortion. I had two miscarriages. I tried for two years to get pregnant. My beliefs about what those pregnancies were and were not in terms of human life are irrelevant. If we want to reduce abortion, we need to look at programs like Colorado had. I don’t believe that limits on abortion are effective or lead to safer, better outcomes.”