It's time for Rush Limbaugh to smother Trump

Trump, who until quite recently was a pro-choice, Hillary Clinton-supporting believer in single-payer health insurance, is no conservative. And while many of the usual suspects—Ann Coulter, Ted Cruz, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, et al.—are providing Trump aid and comfort, one wonders whether they’re using him to advance their own self interest. (Even Bill Kristol was playing this game until it finally became untenable.)

For Coulter and company, it’s easy to see that their popularity is the result of reflecting the whims of the masses of grassroots conservatives, and that this audience is (for today, at least) somewhat enamored with Trump. These conservative personalities are not leaders, that is; they’re followers, and they’re cozying up to the Donald to leech off his popularity with some of the base, boost their ratings, and prove their “authenticity” by associating with the candidate most loathed by “the establishment.”

This is not to suggest that nobody on the right has the cajones to stand up to Trump. In fairness, the Wall Street Journal has pointed out Trump’s horrible record and rhetoric, but their audience tends to be free market or fiscal conservatives—not the more angry, populist-leaning sort who listen to talk radio, read, and might be susceptible to someone like Trump. These are the people who Limbaugh, who is still the king of talk radio, could dissuade from backing a charlatan like the Donald, and his refusal to thus far is truly dispiriting.