Hillary outdone in first major Iowa test as Bernie Sanders calls for a 'revolution'

None of Friday’s speakers mentioned any of the others by name, likely disappointing some Democrats streaming into the Cedar Rapids Convention Center who said they came to see the candidates challenge each other.

‘Especially Hillary,’ said Ed from Waterloo, Iowa, who asked DailyMail.com not to publish his last name. ‘I really want some of these guys to test her.’

‘The last thing we need is a primary that’s over before it starts, and then we find out we picked the wrong horse to ride.’

Another attendee, an elderly woman, was overheard talking to a male companion in the long line of ticket-holders leading to metal detectors and Secret Service screening.

‘Well, we’re gonna see ’em all, ain’t we?’ she said.

‘Maybe there’ll be some blood on the floor. We sure need to see some punches flying if we’re going to beat the hell out of Jeb Bush.’