Trump: ‘I’m actually a conservative with a heart’

“We’re going to get great plans, we’re not going to have huge costs — the biggest thing the government has to do is make sure these companies are very, very solvent, you know, that they’re very strong,” he continued. “Because what you don’t want is having a company collapse, right? So that’s the only function of the government.

“Then on top of that, the people that can’t afford to do that, we have to help them out at the lower level, we have to help them out,” he said. “And I would make deals with hospitals and I’d make deals with people where they can get them care, John. I mean, you can’t have a guy that has no money that’s sick and he can’t go see a doctor, he can’t go see a hospital. I just don’t think [you] can have that, ‘cause I’m actually a conservative with a heart. And if I lose votes for that, I don’t really care.

“Because you have to take care of poor people — I mean, think of yourself: you’re really sick and you’re not allowed to see a doctor. I mean, it’s almost like, sort of … being in hell,” Mr. Trump said. “So we have to take care of people that are poor. We have to do it. And we can make a plan, we can work a deal — I can work a deal with hospitals that’ll be great for everybody and they’ll be able to go there.