The bad, worse, and ugly: Media coverage of Planned Parenthood's organ-harvesting scandal

So the New York Times, which only had edited, snipped remarks from Romney, published a story on the matter in under three hours. For the Planned Parenthood scandal, with a full, unedited, nearly 3-hour video released at 8:00 AM, it took the publication around 16 hours to get a story up. The Romney story ran on the front page the next day. The Planned Parenthood scandal ran on page A16 the next day.

The New York Times story on Mitt Romney rightly focused not on how the video was obtained or the Democratic operative who obtained it but, instead, on the snippet of the statements it revealed. Reporters Michael Shear and Michael Barbaro’s headline was “In Video Clip, Romney Calls 47% ‘Dependent’ and Feeling Entitled.”

By contrast, the New York Times story on Planned Parenthood focuses entirely on criticism of the group behind the video, devoting the first 10 paragraphs to Planned Parenthood framing and spin and failing to speak with a single person who disagrees with the harvesting of baby organs. The story even failed to include the most interesting quotes from the video, such as the one where Deborah Nucatola discusses crushing babies in such a way as to preserve their valuable organs. Despite the fact that Nucatola is quite explicit about the harvesting of babies’ brains, hearts, lungs and livers, the story doesn’t mention anything even touching on the issue.