How Barack Obama created Donald Trump

Society, many conservatives feel, is simply unraveling.

The administration informs Americans that Obama has fixed the economy, even as it slogs along about around two percent growth. The nation debt soars skyward without anyone even faking that they have a plan to stop it—not even the supposedly budget-conscious Republican Congress. Even the Republican presidential candidates have mostly failed to explain how they will curb entitlement benefits to retirees that have been promised but cannot possibly be provided.

The institution of marriage—the foundation of society—is collapsing, as the out-of-wedlock birth rate explodes, with what conservatives fear are dire consequences for children and for women who have to raise their kids alone. Even so, the Supreme Court—at Obama’s urging—unilaterally redefines marriage to include members of the same sex instead of allowing people to democratically change the status quo and—if they like, sometime in the future—change it back.

Men can now be women and women can now be men simply if they choose to, no matter what’s actually in their pants. The Court’s notion that personal desires and an individual conception of “dignity” is the basis of the right to marriage surely opens the door to polygamy.