Poll: Trump's favorability increasing, but not with Hispanics

Thirty-three percent of those surveyed said they had a favorable view of the billionaire real-estate mogul, while 61 percent said they did not. Still, that is an improvement from the last ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted in May before Trump’s campaign announcement, when 71 percent viewed him unfavorably and just 16 percent said they had a favorable impression of him.

Among Hispanics, however, his negatives are soaring. Just 13 percent said they have a positive opinion of Trump, who last month decried undocumented immigrants who are “rapists” and “killers” coming across the border from Mexico and other countries. More than eight-in-10 (81 percent) of Hispanics said they have an unfavorable impression of him.

The only groups that see Trump favorably are Republicans and strong conservatives, according to the poll. Republicans view Trump favorably by a margin of 57 percent to 40 percent, while those identifying as very conservative view him favorably, 55 percent to 37 percent. Among all whites, 53 percent see him unfavorably, along with 74 percent of nonwhites, 58 percent of independents and 60 percent of moderates.