Our broken country

Planned Parenthood isn’t disputing at all that they are involved in this practice at all. Their defense is that it isn’t illegal – because they don’t charge a fee for the actual organs themselves, but rather essentially an administrative fee for finding the organs in the first place.

Well. I don’t really know the law in this area to know whether PPFA has found a valid legal loophole, nor do I give much of a damn. Here is what is relevant to me – a group that receives my tax dollars is in the business of performing abortions and selling (technically or not, it amounts to the same thing) the discarded body parts of unborn babies.

And here is the problem – a pretty significant part of the country is essentially okay that this is happening. How do I know this? Because a sufficient mass of people in America sent back to office essentially the same cabal of Congresscritters who couldn’t vote to defund Planned Parenthood in 2011, and furthermore re-elected the President in 2012 who campaigned in their favor. Get it? Forget taking actual legal action against Planned Parenthood, we (as in, the people who vote in elections in America), cannot even muster the will to elect politicians who will stop our tax dollars from going towards it.

What do people possessed of basic human decency have in common, politically or culturally, with the portion of America that can watch this video and either be actually glad about what it contains, or dismiss it with a shrug of the shoulders and a hearty “meh”?