Hillary raises $46 million in second quarter, more than Obama did in 2011

Clinton’s second-quarter primary haul, which her campaign had initially estimated at $45 million, beats the record-setting $41.9 million that President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign brought in during its first quarter in 2011. While the campaign’s expenses were sizable—disbursements totaled just under $18.7 million—aides insist that they were focused on making smart investments for the rest of the campaign, including starting off with a substantial number of staffers working in a large Brooklyn office, hiring dozens of staffers in early primary and caucus states, and buying voter files and e-mail lists outright rather than in installments. During its first quarter, the campaign spent its funds at a rate of more than $300,000 per day. 

The $28.85 million in cash on hand exceeds any of her opponents from either party by more than double. Still, there’s plenty of financial pressure on Clinton and the outside groups backing her, which in total raised about $70 million during the second quarter.